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STOP gagging free speech – defend Christian rights

Kristie Higgs, a pastoral assistant at Farmor’s Academy in Gloucester, was recently sacked after posting concerns on her personal Facebook page about RSE lessons at a nearby Church of England Primary School attended by her own child. Worried especially by the use of two story books promoting homosexuality and transgenderism, Kristie, a committed Christian, asked friends to sign a Voice for Justice UK petition calling for the right of parents to have children educated in line with their religious beliefs ( ). For this she was anonymously reported for homophobia to the school where she worked, with the result that she was summoned to a disciplinary hearing at which she was sacked for gross misconduct.

It is unacceptable that a devout Christian mother, with an exemplary work record spanning six years, should be penalised for expressing justifiable concerns over teaching that prematurely introduces children to sexual issues of which they would otherwise be unaware, and that runs directly contrary to her Christian faith.

In a recent speech Prime Minister Theresa May said, ‘For many Christians around the world … simple acts of faith can bring huge danger… That is why the Home Office has launched a global review into the persecution of Christians. We must stand up for the right of everyone, no matter what their religions, to practise their faith in peace.’ ( ).

We call for the rights of Christians, as set down in UK law, to be upheld – namely, to practise Christian belief freely and without restraint, and to declare such faith without fear of intimidation or criminalisation. We further call for Kristie Higgs to be reinstated to her position at Farmor’s Academy with a full apology.

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