The writing on the wall

If evidence were needed of the battle between good and evil, with darkness fighting to engulf the earth, then surely we are seeing it today.  Over in the US, hot on the heels of the bitter and still disputed electoral victory – relentlessly suppressed by an openly partisan and hostile media – President Biden has quickly moved to reverse orders made under the Trump administration to curb abortion; restored US financial assistance to world-wide health organizations upholding what are disingenuously labelled women’s health and reproductive rights; and supported a move to allow infanticide (  At the same time, he has launched a reportedly ‘ambitious’ LGBT agenda (, which includes banning the use of gendered pronouns and titles in the White House, and restoring the right of transsexuals to serve in the military (  I could go on, but you get the drift – and all of this the President reportedly calls moral leadership.  Which, to be fair, I suppose it is; but not of the right kind.

Words like ‘hell’ and ‘handcart’ come to mind.
Lest we congratulate ourselves, however, the situation in the UK is hardly less bad.  While the nation battles Covid, secular and LGBT activists have pushed on undaunted.  The abortion lobby persists in its calls to de-medicalise and legalise abortion, up to term and on demand, and to make permanent the measure allowing self-administration of abortion at home.  Similarly, despite the impossibility of carrying out the required mandatory consultation with parents during the Covid pandemic, at this point in time the DfE is pressing ahead with its demand to impose controversial teaching that sexualises children from the age of 4, and promotes LGBT lifestyle choices and behaviours – on the dubious and highly questionable grounds that this is the only way the nation’s young will learn about British society and become tolerant.  And, as if we haven’t had enough death already, euthanasia campaigners are now gearing up for a fresh onslaught in Parliament to demand legalisation of the right to assisted suicide – and involuntary euthanasia, no doubt, should the patient prove a bit tardy in his or her desire to embrace death, and whether they want it or not!   
Not all agree with all these moves, of course, especially Bible-believing Christians.  But those who express reservations – or even opposition – are increasingly vilified and labelled hate-filled bigots; crushed into silence by a liberal-minded – and, it has to be said, oft times vicious – elite, who will brook no dissent.
These policies are not just wrong, they are harming humanity.  It is without doubt that changed ‘values’ have contributed to the growing sense of alienation experienced by so many – of all ages – and manifesting in the rising number of irreparably broken families and epidemic rates of mental illness.  At the same time, the staggeringly high number of abortions, 98% of which are performed purely for ‘social reasons’, mean that our population is in terminal decline.   

Our society is disintegrating before our eyes, while we stand on the sidelines and shrug.
To save our nation, therefore, and for the common good, we need urgently to recover the traditional values on which our culture was founded.  Values based on faith that protect the unborn, and that uphold and preserve marriage and the family.   Though it takes courage and is admittedly not easy, as Christians we must stand up for the truth we have received from Christ, and recover our voice.  
To put it more strongly, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.  By our silence in face of demonstrable and unconscionable harm, we have allowed evil to grow.    But if the truth we have received is real – and if salvation matters – then we must act and speak out now to defend it.  It is no longer enough simply to ‘believe’, telling ourselves that God is in control and will sort it all out.  He is in control, of course, but, until His return in glory, He chooses to work through His servants, and the bottom line is, men and women have sinned and are under judgment.   If we do nothing, there is infinitely worse to come.  It is our duty, therefore, to confront and challenge these ‘evil’ policies, and to defeat them.   
Only is this way can our society be restored to health and once again become strong.   Only is this way can we avert judgment.  Only in this way can we hope to emerge intact from Covid.

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