Wake up Britain!

If evidence were needed of the ideological battle raging in this nation, this is surely it! 

No sooner have the Relationships and Sex Education Regulations received Parliamentary approval, than LGBT activists have started calling for their immediate review and upgrade.  In a recent letter to Education Secretary Damian Hinds, drawn up by the Peter Tatchell Foundation and supported, amongst others, by actor Stephen Fry and Elly Barnes, CEO and Founder of Educate and Celebrate, LGBT campaigners are calling for statutory enforcement of even more explicit teaching about sex, and for further normalisation and promotion of homosexual behaviours and same sex relations.  They argue that hetero, homo, and bisexual relations must be presented as equally valid, with no faith school opt out, and with removal of the parental right of withdrawal ( https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/may/08/stephen-fry-backs-calls-review-new-rse-sex-education-programme-schools?CMP=twt_a-education_b-gdnedu).

Director of the Foundation, Peter Tatchell, writes that ‘political, religious and cultural sensitivities should not be allowed to thwart mandatory age-appropriate RSE in every school, including in faith and independent schools…’.

As well as making all such teaching mandatory, without exemption, the letter calls for the promotion of safer alternatives to intercourse (such as encouragement to oral sex and mutual masturbation), and says pupils should be taught about sexual pleasure and how to achieve it for both themselves and a partner, ‘with the aim of helping them secure mutual sexual happiness’ (https://www.petertatchellfoundation.org/stephen-fry-backs-our-call-to-revise-sex-education/).

However this is dressed up, the clear aim is not child protection and safeguarding, but rather the promotion and normalisation of homosexual practices and same sex relations.  It is yet further evidence of the ideological struggle for control by a liberal elite, committed to the dismantling and destruction of society as we know it.  These people have little in common with the values of ordinary men and women – but increasingly they seem not to care, nor any longer to feel that they need to.

This is further evidenced by a conference currently being organised for October this year by Forum Training, a group specialising in providing professional training for a wide range of sectors, including education.  The stated aim on the website is to ‘provide practical advice on the development of the new policy and curriculum … including overcoming key challenges and potential resistance from parents, pupils and the wider community.’  (Emphasis added) (https://www.forumbusinesstraining.co.uk/product/education/rse-in-secondary-schools-conference/). The conference programme indeed makes much of preparing for resistance and possible repercussions – despite the fact that the new Regulations state they have been drawn up in consultation with parents, the majority of whom, it is claimed, think they are ‘a good thing’ (see, https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2019/924/pdfs/uksiem_20190924_en.pdf).

If the new Regulations are so good, VfJUK asks, why is there so much resistance to them? Why are activists pushing so hard to silence all opposition?  And why are faith groups being marginalised, ‘demonised’, and silenced?

No, these Regulations are evidence and manifestation of a belief system whose main aim is to suppress traditional morality and Christian belief.   In their invitation letter to the conference, Forum Training writes, ‘we are inviting you to attend the RSE in Secondary Schools Conference – because how this subject is taught can have a crucial impact on how pupils regard relationships for the rest of their lives.’ To put it simply, secular and LGBT activists know that to achieve their aims they have to capture the minds and hearts of impressionable children, who by definition lack the emotional and intellectual maturity to judge the truth and validity of what they are being taught for themselves.

If we do not speak up for the nation’s young, who will?

Write to or email Damian Hinds today, saying how shocked you are at calls for statutory enforcement of the controversial promotion of LGBT behaviours and same sex relations, in total disregard of the parental right, enshrined in UK and international law, for parents to have children educated in line with their religious beliefs.  Say that at the very least there must be a five-year period to allow assessment for impact of the new Regulations, before further liberalising change is contemplated.

British people typically don’t like to make a fuss, or to be seen as ‘difficult’.  But it is time to wake up.  We are in a battle for the soul of our nation and, if we keep quiet, we will lose!   Let us make our voice heard, and stand on the Gospel.  Let us claim our rights as enshrined in UK law.

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