We call for urgent enquiry into the Governance of the BBC

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We call for urgent enquiry into the Governance of the BBC

The BBC has become an ideological tool for promotion of an agenda actively hostile to Christianity and to the maintenance of traditional morality, which historically has underpinned and given strength to our society for over a thousand years. In promoting this agenda it displays contempt for Christian belief, abusing its position to provide ‘… impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services, which inform, educate and entertain’.

In a recent broadcast of its flagship Christian programme Songs of Praise, the Corporation broadcast a supposed homosexual marriage ceremony performed at Rutherglen United Reformed Church near Glasgow. It chose to do this knowing that the Bible prohibits any and all sex outside marriage, laid down as between one man and one woman for life, for their mutual benefit and support and for the bringing up of any children that may result from their union. It chose to broadcast this moreover in the clear and certain knowledge that such ceremonies are banned by leading Christian denominations, including the Church of England, the Church of Wales, and the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

Biblical doctrine could not be clearer. Yet the BBC, in its expressed commitment to inclusivity and diversity, has presumed to tell the Christian Church what is acceptable belief, celebrating a highly contentious ceremony that many Christians view as heresy. This is a deliberate and conscious attempt at social engineering, and as such is an abuse of the Corporation’s Charter, demonstrating an open and clear attempt to challenge the Christian values on which our nation has been founded, and which have provided stability and strength for over a thousand years.

The BBC charter says it ‘must ensure it reflects the diverse communities of the whole of the United Kingdom in the content of its output.’ In its failure to present fairly and without bias orthodox Christian belief, it has manifestly failed to do this.

We call for urgent enquiry into the governance of the BBC and for the removal of those responsible for such agenda-driven abuse.

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