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And God Said, ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Populate the Earth’

DATE : November 23, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 23 November 2021   Climate change activists are telling us that the world population is too big and must be curbed. The world we live in seems to be saying, “And God said, go forth and do not multiply.” Should we not be listening to the Bible, and take seriously the […]


Why on Earth Are British Universities Offering Training in Sex Work?

DATE : November 19, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 19 November 2021   Durham University officially offers training to sex workers, claiming that instead of passing judgment, they are trying to keep vulnerable students safe, while allowing them access to support. Lynda Rose exposes the dangers posed by prostitution for women and society at large. She notes that such “training” […]


When ‘God’ Becomes Gender Neutral: Lessons from Russia

DATE : November 8, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 08 November 2021   An Edinburgh school recently asked boys to wear skirts to school for the day in order to show apparent solidarity with those considered transgender. This ideological drive to coercer children into ‘progressive’ practices is, Lynda Rose argues, part of what she calls “an agenda that seeks to […]


Gender ‘Equality’ in a Fallen World

DATE : November 2, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 02 November 2021   Following the news that Stonewall pressured the Scottish government to remove the word ‘mother’ from its government maternity policies, Lynda Rose uncovers how our society is being captured by an ideology that seeks to deny the binary of male and female. Read here.


As Greenhouse Gases Continue to Soar, What Might God Be Saying?

DATE : October 31, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 31 October 2021   Amid the current COP26 conference and the warnings about climate change, what might God ultimately be asking of us? Lynda Rose engages with this heated topic and proposes an answer. Read here.


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