Cometh the hour – we need a Churchill

The UK has fallen prey to chaos.  Consider – a hopelessly fractured and no longer fit for purpose NHS; economic shambles and the ever-looming threat of financial collapse; the disintegration of the family and accompanying epidemic of mental illness; a country increasingly having to give way to immigrants; an unprecedented climate of antisemitism and racial intimidation; growing violence on our streets … and, to cap it all, we are warned that we shall soon be a nation at war.  Indeed, some say that war has already started.

But while politicians come up with endless plans and strategies that they promise will make everything right, the real question – that they are failing dismally to address, let alone answer – is why are we in such a mess in the first place?  And unless we answer that, we can’t hope to find a solution.

To Christians the answer is clear, even if, to many, it remains unacceptable.  Because of the choices we have made over the last century, God has withdrawn His hand of protection, and we are now a nation under judgement.  Unless and until we repent, there will be no improvement.  Indeed, things will get worse.  The general election called for 4th July comes then at a crucial time.  Without any shadow of doubt, our nation is at a tipping point and, if we jump the wrong way, we shall spill over into disaster.  So what must we do, and who can lead us through this time of societal collapse and threatened war?  Who, or what, can save us?

To tackle these questions, we need to remember that it’s our own choices that have laid the foundations for this dystopian chaos.  We were once a Christian country, but over the course of the last century, we have unashamedly made gods of ‘Self’, sex, and consumerism, exalting personal satisfaction, no matter how depraved, over anything and everything that stood in the way.  We deserve it, we’ve said defiantly.  We can be whatever we want, do whatever we want, have whatever we want …   Responsibility?  What’s that, when it’s at home …?   Which is why, in the nation’s quest for so-called freedom, we’ve aborted a staggering 10.5 million unborn babies, whose only crime was that they were ‘unwanted’.   In our overt rejection of Christian values, we have truly become a nation of self-focused and petulant snowflakes.  And in God’s eyes, we have compounded our offence, not just by rejecting His Lordship, but by allowing other religions to take root in our land, and treating Christ with contempt.

The truth is, our nation has given unremitting worship to evil and now we’re reaping the consequences.  But even at this late hour, and faced with what feels to be almost inevitable disaster, there is hope.  Though we have rebelled, our nation is founded on Christian belief and truth, and although we are under judgment because of the choices we have made, God remains our Sovereign Lord, and His will is still to save.

Jehovah Mephalti – God our deliverer. 

On 3rd September 1939, following the invasion of Poland two days previously, the United Kingdom declared war on Nazi Germany.  The Prime Minister at the time was Neville Chamberlain – the man who in 1938 had declared ‘peace in our time’, following his signing of the Munich Agreement with Hitler, which allowed German annexation of the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.  Throughout the 1930s, former soldier Winston Churchill had been steadfast in his opposition to the policy of appeasement. It had not won him friends and he had been kept resolutely out of office.  But following the declaration of war, it rapidly became apparent that Chamberlain was not up to the job, and within eight months he was forced to resign, following a vote of no confidence.   In his place, Churchill was appointed … and the rest, as they say, is history.

Cometh the hour … cometh the man (though of course that could equally be a woman).  As early as 1933, Churchill had seen the problem posed by Hitler.  In the years leading up to 1940 he was not the most obvious choice to lead the country, and he was not without faults.  Yet he was the man appointed by God, and he led Britain through our darkest hour.  Today, we face another such challenge, and we need to cry out to God to send us a leader.  Who may well be someone entirely unexpected, and maybe even currently unpopular, but who will see the problems – the canker that has taken root at the heart of our society, and who will have the wisdom, courage and fortitude – maybe even foolishness – to tackle them head-on.

VfJUK is not party political, and we neither endorse nor recommend any one particular party or person – but we shall continue to speak out against policies that infringe or abuse human rights and freedoms, and that cause harm, and we encourage people to scrutinise carefully their Parliamentary candidates, and give support to those who uphold the traditional Christian values on which our country is founded, and who truly ‘respect’ others.

None of us knows what lies ahead, but the future will without doubt be challenging.  To survive, there can and must be no compromise with evil.  It may well be that we shall soon be at war, but God remains in control.  He, and He alone, can deliver us.  But for that to happen we must repent the evil we have allowed to flourish.  If we turn to God now in repentance and trust, and accept His discipline, He can and will deliver us.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

       Potential policy areas of concern: 

  • The decriminalisation of abortion
  • The legalisation of assisted suicide and euthanasia
  • Endorsement of unrestricted immigration, increasing national instability
  • Extension of authoritarian control, seen in such things as the imposition of ULEZ charges and 20 mile an hour restrictions over all areas, regardless of need or the wishes of citizens
  • Promotion of gender choice
  • Educational policies that prematurely sexualise children and expose them to harm
  • A lack of commitment to national defence


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