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The Problem with the BRIT Awards’ Decision to Scrap Gender-Specific Categories

DATE : November 29, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 29 November 2021   Following the decision of the Brit Awards Panel to scrap gender-specific categories, Lynda Rose examines the wider adverse effects on society when the distinct categories of male and female are denied. Read here.    


The Chilling War for Free Speech at Yet Another British University

DATE : October 13, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 13 October 2021 Kathleen Stock, professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, believes that changing sex is a biological impossibility. Holding to this view has resulted in hostile calls from students for her resignation. Lynda Rose looks under the surface of this culture war and offers some deep spiritual explanations […]


DATE : September 25, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose  25 September 2021   Lynda Rose comments on the dark spiritual implications for society of a Channel 4 documentary that follows couples who film themselves performing sexual acts, either together or alone, and then livestream it and charging the public to view it. Read here.  


In Allowing Gender Dysphoric Children to ‘Decide’ Treatment for Themsleves, is Society Abdicating its Duty of Care?

DATE : September 21, 2021 AUTHOR :

  Christian Today Lynda Rose 21 September 2021 Following the landmark appeal in the Keira Bell case, Lynda Rose examines the serious implications of gender dysphoric children under 16 being deemed mature enough to give informed consent and receive puberty blockers. Read here.  

As Child-on-Child Sex Abuse Soars, Evil is Destroying our Children

DATE : September 10, 2021 AUTHOR :

  Christian Today Lynda Rose 10 September 2021   With child-on-child sex abuse on the rise, what exactly is behind this shocking trajectory? Read here.    

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