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Ideological activists ratchet up the game

DATE : February 9, 2024 AUTHOR :

In its infinite wisdom, the BBC has apparently issued a directive to all departments saying that job applicants who are “dismissive” of diversity and inclusion should not be hired.  Applicants must also be asked at interview, it states, their precise understanding of the meaning of ‘diversity and inclusion’ and the ways  they think they could promote, celebrate or […]

Blue Sign for sex health clinic

This is a public health issue

DATE : January 26, 2024 AUTHOR :

The latest figures released by local councils show a massive explosion in STI rates across the country, with 97% of areas reporting an unprecedented rise in infections since 2017.  Ten areas in particular report that syphilis and gonorrhoea infection rates have tripled, but there are similar rises for all infections.   The highest rates of diagnoses were in the London […]


2024: Call to purity

DATE : January 10, 2024 AUTHOR :

At this start of the new year, let our resolution be to reject sin and make 2024 the year when we once again, both individually and as a nation, seek after purity.   As a society, over the last hundred or so years, we have become progressively decadent and corrupt.  When challenged on society’s manifest decline, […]


The hopelessly Biased Broadcasting Corporation

DATE : January 10, 2024 AUTHOR :

It would appear that the BBC is at it again.  In the latest scandal to hit the Corporation, Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker shared a post on social media calling for Israel to be stopped from participation in all sporting tournaments abroad, “until it ends its grave violations of international law”. The post was met […]


Christmas Appeal

DATE : December 13, 2023 AUTHOR :

I’m afraid this is not a run-of-the-mill Christmas appeal, but one we are making in especially difficult times.  We feel that we should explain our situation, so beg your patience as we set out what has happened.   In October this year, Barclays Bank suddenly and without warning closed our account.  They said we had failed to […]


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